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Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina Display?

17-apple-macbook-pro-3Well apple did it again. They are coming out with yet another Macbook pro, only this time it will have improved  Retina Display!! This new generation of pro’s will come with super slim 13 inch and 15 inch screens, which is perhaps yet another way the an apple junkie to get off on.   Within the unit its self, they have masterminded new ways to cut prices so they average joe can enjoy this new tool since it first came onto the market in 2012.  Pretty cool stuff and we look forward to breaking down what makes this new note book great and well…. not so great.

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Whats up with project Ara?


Its been about two years since Google purchased Motorola, making them one of the hippest cell phone companies on the market to date.  To say the least they are finally starting to release some really new and interesting stuff.   For about a year now Motorola has been planing to make a cell phone that pretty much has an exoskeleton.

What kind of stuff can you do?

Are you a super fan of the old school keywords, not the touch screen, but the ones where you actually have to put thums to plastic.

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How to Start a Video Blog

Starting a blog is easy – you just need a subject and lots of enthusiasm. Oh, and some marketing skills as well. That aside though, despite the thousands of people that start blogs every day, very few go on to any form of success.  That’s because

  1. They haven’t got a subject that anyone is interested in
  2. They can’t write
  3. They haven’t done anything about marketing their blog, about getting it out there to the millions.

If you have a blog and, well, it isn’t really performing as it should, have you thought about jazzing things up a bit? No? How about this – a video blog.  Obviously, you need a little more equipment and space but, once you are set up, you could be on the road to success.  Here’s what you need:

  • Space – And a fair bit of it too for all the equipment you are going to need. I expanded into video blogging and needed space so I checked out how much it would cost to rent Chicago office space and found this rental website very helpful.
  • Camera – A decent video camera will do the trick but don’t go for the cheapest – it won’t work. Splash out and buy something along the lines of a DSLR camera – they have the best quality pictures and the best sound
  • Tripod – A must to keep the camera steady. Look for something sturdy and large.
  • Auto-Cue – You need a smaller desk tripod for this. An auto-cue scroll the words you want to say so you don’t keep forgetting!
  • Backdrop – You want a wall you can paint with Chroma-Key paint. This allows you to make the background transparent and overlay whatever you want on to it, effectively giving you an interactive background.
  • Headphones – Ones that cover your ears completely because they block out external sounds. You need headphones to set up your sound levels.
  • Microphone – Again, a good one, preferably a lapel mic as these are designed to only pick up sound in a small area and not the background.
  • Lights – Four of them – three to light up the subject and one to light the background.
  • Editing Software – This is for afterwards, when you edit what you’ve shot.  There are plenty to choose – from free right up to expensive professional software.

Once you’ve got everything you’re all set to go. A word of advice – have a few practice runs first!

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Cloud Storage for Newbies

The term “Cloud Storage” has been floating around for some time now but not everyone is up to scratch on what it is.  Briefly, cloud storage is a way of saving files to a place on the internet rather than clogging up your hard drive.

Is it Safe?

Storing files in the cloud is safer than on your PC because there is less chance of anything happening to damage or delete your files.  However, anything that is related to the internet must be kept secure which means not giving your password to anyone.

You must also have a good anti-virus on your PC – if your computer picks up a virus or malware, there is a chance that your cloud login details could be revealed to unauthorized users.

Choose a cloud storage provider who offers the best protection and more than one backup of your files.  If a provider only uses one physical server, avoid them like the plague – if anything happens to that server, your files are gone.

What are the Advantages of Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is more flexible than storing files on your PC or an external storage device.  No matter where you are in the world, provided you have your login details to hand, you can access your files from any computer, any location, any time of day or night.

Do away with unsightly external devices stacked up on your desk; all you need is an internet connection.  You can set up your PC to automatically back your files up at set times and to make changes to a document in the cloud when the corresponding one is changed on your PC.

Are There Any Downsides to Cloud Storage?

The only downsides are that your very first backup to the cloud may take a while. However, you can set your computer to do this while you go off and do something else. Also, check your storage provider charges – if you back up very large amounts of data, there may be extra charges.

If your storage provider goes out of business or their server and backup modem collapses, you will lose your files. This is a very slim chance though – you would be extremely unlucky if everything fell apart at the same time!

Ready to visit the cloud? Check out this online company for cloud storage – they offer a good value packages and some great information as well.

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SEO: You Desperately Need It!

Businesses now need to take advantage of what the web has to offer if they don’t want to lose to their competitors. This is because most people now look up products and services online first before they actually avail of them. No matter how good your products or services are, you will eventually lose new customers, and even old ones, to any competitor who has a better web presence than you. In this post, I’m going to talk about how a roofing company in Toronto is able to gain a lot of customers through having a solid internet strategy. Hopefully, what I’m going to talk about in this post will prove helpful to all of my readers.

When it comes to doing flat roof repair, replacing shingles, etc., the residents of Toronto want to do it the right way. Because of this, one would expect that companies that offer better services would naturally have more customers, but this, for the most part, isn’t the case. This is because internet strategies now play a key role in business. Our featured company didn’t have such a strategy, and they ended up losing a lot of new customers to their competitors.

After finding out about the cause of their profit loss, they set out to utilize the internet for their business. In their case, what they did was hire a team of SEO experts to help them build a solid web presence.

What exactly is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, as one can surmise from the term itself, involves making the website of a business look more favorable in the eyes of search engines. This is a great strategy because believe it or not, most people actually settle for the services of whatever company they find first on search engine results pages.

When it comes to taking care of roof repair Toronto residents want to do a great job, but convenience still trumps such a desire. Most residents of the area will not do extra research just so that they’ll end up working with the best roofing company; they’ll most likely just hire the ones that they first see on search engine results pages. Sure having certified contractors are also a significant factor in marketability, but for the most part, companies now gain new customers primarily because they employ solid SEO strategies. When people from the GTA look up local keywords, they end up immediately seeing the website of our featured company. And upon visiting the site, the information they find ends up converting them into customers.

Hopefully, this post of mine ends up proving helpful to all of my readers. You don’t have to be in the roofing business to benefit from SEO. No matter what niche you operate in, you can surely take advantage of it. The best part is that it’s actually very affordable. For some people, they even do their own SEO. Of course, it’s still best to rely on professionals. After all, what’s the point of not hiring professionals when they offer their services at very reasonable rates?

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Wearable Tech for Warriors (Weekend or Otherwise)

When I say “smartwatch”, the thing that probably comes to mind is your phone. Wearables are quickly gaining momentum as the next frontier in technological advancement. With Samsung’s introduction of the Galaxy Gear in 2013, other companies have begun to follow suit with their own take on mobile devices that you can wear. From the inception of Google Glass, the idea of wearable technology seems like a new idea, but in fact, it’s just a new twist on an old classic. A computer you can wear on your face is something we’ve seen in movies for years, but this is the first any of us has ever come to experiencing it (and by us, I mean anyone who has an extra $1500 lying around).

But what about these smartwatches that are starting to pop up in the pages of our favorite technology and science websites? By now you’ve heard of the Galaxy Gear, the advertisements were all over television in the months leading up to Christmas. It was a clever ad campaign; you too could be just like Captain Kirk, Dick Tracy, and the Predator by communicating into your wrist. It didn’t translate all that well into actual sales, but the product was on everyone’s lips (if not exactly their arms) for weeks.

Competitors have started rolling out their versions now; Sony’s Smartwatch 2 has a touchscreen face, is compatible with Android devices of 4.0 and above, lets you talk and text and gives you access to apps, the Cookoo has an analog face, making it look more like a real watch instead of a tiny smartphone stuck to your wrist, and offers all the standard communication features as well as a remote camera option. These and other brands all have multiple functionality; they’ll let you read texts, play music, play Candy Crush, and even make calls from them…while you’re in the ocean.

But as I said, these are just a new variation on an old theme. Maybe you don’t need a watch that will check you in on Facebook; but instead give you the weather, the barometric pressure, your current elevation, withstand extreme temperatures, help you find your way home, and yes, actually give you the current time.

Military watches were considered the original smartwatch before Samsung even came up with the idea, assisting brave service men and women in times of peace and war. Get dropped into a jungle or the Arctic with one of these and chances are you were going to survive, with a little bit of luck and your wits about you. These are some of the most dependable and multi-functional watches you can buy today. They may not be able to make phone calls, but then how do you think you really look speaking into your sleeve?

You’ll find there are a wide variety of manufacturers, offering a wealth of options and prices on sizes large and small alike with military watches, so click here to find out more. If you’re looking for a rugged, no-nonsense piece of tech, then look no further. They may not offer wi-fi but they’ll help you find your way home and alert you when you’re about to get frostbite. Those are other watches, they can’t do that.

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How Will iOS 8 Merge Tech and Fitness: An Interview With Jake Florez

After venturing to be the first mobile gadget that runs as a part-time health stat monitor, Apple is bringing health and fitness monitoring again to a higher level by merging technology and fitness with the iPhone’s newest mobile app, “Health”. Jake Florez, personal trainer in Orange County at Next Level Fitness, gave us more detailed insight about this new exciting app, and how easy it will be in the future to keep people’s health and fitness up.

“The next goal for Apple is to make health status monitoring handy and easier by making the iPhone your ultimate monitoring unit and there is no stopping them from turning it into a reality,” said Jake, who has been using and highly recommending Apple’s earlier applications to his clients to supplement their needs for monitoring their health progress.

Apple, as Jake had explained, will continue its partnership with Nike in this new app but will be contacting other big health and sports brands to create HealthKit. HealthKit is the service that will be used in iOS 8 through the mobile application simply called “Health”. HealthKit service aims to track, record, and analyze one’s fitness level through various metrics that include, but not limited to, height, weight, age, even sleep and movement, etc.

“‘Health’ enables end users to customize the way they want their health data presented to them and can selectively monitor a special area of their health according to their needs. For example, if you want to monitor your heart activities while sleeping, you may choose your favorite health monitoring app and integrate into Apple’s Health app along with any other things you’d like to monitor,” Jake explained further. “Health app is compatible with Apple’s M7 chip. It will do all the tracking of motion stats and the collection of the needed metrics that HealthKit intends to gather.”

Health app will gather all your health information you chose to log in using other various health applications and fitness devices and will store it to your database on the app. It will display your current health overview in one place. Apple has built iOS 8 into a platform that will enable app developers create their health and fitness applications to communicate with each other.

“Everything is customizable,” Jake adds, “which is great because when you use an application, you want to have flexibility and use it according to your preference and this is what ‘Health’ is aiming for. One more thing is that everything is rolled into one. Your profile is there, your health stat is there, and even ways to improve your athletic and health performance will be there. All the more reason for end users to love this app.”
“It does not, however, intend to replace the conventional health care institution services. The possibility of merging and collaborating with hospitals and health care institutions in the future is never ruled out but I do not think it will happen in the near future” Jake remarks on how this application will change the future of conventional health care.

Jake said that some clinics and hospitals have been using Apple apps to have a real time communication between the doctors and their patients, but only on the data level, at the very least. Since no one has yet to see the “Health” app in action yet, he personally thinks Apple should first aim for the target market to try this application in the next update of iOS.

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Working Together – Design and technology

In today’s digital world, technology evolves at a pace that can feel like it’s faster than the speed of light. You spend months saving up for your new television, only to find that its outdated and there is something better in its place.

Technology affects every aspect of our lives and virtually every business now and the interior design business is no different.  Nowadays, interior designers don’t come armed with swatches of wallpaper or paint shades, they come armed with catalogs full of technologically advanced household items, items that can enhance your home and your living experience.

Be warned – once you have read this you will want to start ripping your home to pieces and installing all the latest tech. Be prepared and take a look at dumpster rental rates up front. There are some good deals to be had if you shop around.

Digital Home Technology Integration (DHTI)

DHTI has taken off in a big way. It’s the art of using computer systems within the home or an office environment but not for surfing the net!  DHTI works to bring all of your security, electrical and utility systems together and sends both audio and visual data to the network.

Take the television for instance.  Once upon a time, it would sit on or in a large clumsy stand in the corner of the room. Now it just looks like a mirror on the wall. When you switch it on the images are beamed through the mirror on an integrated screen.

We have the “Smart Toilet” that has LED screens and adjusts the seat height, even warms your feet for you if you want.

In the kitchen, we have faucets that are activated by touch; some even come with their own lights to warm you of the temperature of the water, saving you from burning yourself! 

Home Design

You don’t need an interior designer to help you with this. You can use CAD software or there are plenty of software apps available now, most of them suitable for the iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet.

 You can use your own computer to design and then view your designs. Working in 3D they allow you to see exactly what your new technology will look like and save you making mistakes that are not just time consuming but expensive too.

There are paint guides that project colors into your home so you can see exactly which shade will work best.  There are guides to help you plan room layouts so you can see how things will fit without having to drag furniture around.

Technology is advancing fast and is working to modernize how we live. But, it can also be a little overwhelming at times. The best thing to do is work with a professional designer who has the knowledge and the expertise to get things right and save you time and money, while giving you the best and most up to date in technological advances.

Don’t forget to factor in equipment rental prices, such as dumpsters and other equipment you may need. It’s best to be prepared.


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Proper Disposal of Computer Parts

The technology today is being updated from time to time that gadgets and other electronic devices are getting abundant everywhere. In this world where a lot of electronic devices are being introduced to the public everyone should know how to properly dispose computer spare parts that cannot be used anymore. Getting rid of electronic devices is not as easy compared to other rubbish types. Since computers are made up of different types of materials, some might be toxic for the environment and hence why proper disposal is very important.

Years ago, computer disposal has been a big environmental issue because most computer parts are found in landfills where they do not belong. The government took some action providing bills in regards to proper computer disposal as well as establishing centers and organizations. The main goal of these organizations is to recycle computer spare parts which have a lot of benefits like recovering materials such as copper, palladium, gold, and silver.

Before you donate or recycle your used electronics, you can try the suggestions below:

• Delete all personal information that is encoded to your device. There are some electronics that can still be recovered and the last thing you would like to happen is to be hacked by criminals. There are some websites that provides information on how to reset a specific device so might as well check them first before taking some action.
• Consult a computer technician before donating or recycling your devices. Some spare parts may be sold to websites that specialize in selling computer parts. This is a good way of making money out of your trash and you will never know, the total amount of sold parts may give you a chance to buy a new device after trashing the old ones.
• If you happen to have a lot of electronic junks and you don’t know where to dispose them, the best thing to do is ask assistance from a local junk removal company. If you live in Florida, check out this Fort Lauderdale junk removal company here. Otherwise, if you live in Arizona, check out this junk removal service in Phoenix. They know everything about garbage disposal and you can be assured that your junk will be disposed properly by them.

Apart from recycling centers, some electronic device manufacturers and retailers can now assist customers who want to dispose their devices. They are affiliated with bigger recycling centers as well as social foundations where computers are desperately needed. This may be a part of their social activity by collecting computer spare parts and making them a new useful computer that will be very helpful for foundations and orphanage.

Another option would be personally looking for organizations where you can donate your junk. If you are dealing with a lot of computers and you would like to donate them in a specific organization, you may need assistance from a junk removal company in delivering your old computers.

Everything in this world has its proper places and it is our responsibility to put things where they belong. This will not only give us a chance to save the environment but we can also help people who are in need like those who does not have enough money to purchase items which we call junk.

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How to Interpret Non Verbal Communication Signs in a Virtual Business

Businessmen who have a strict corporate culture background understand the meaning of different kinds of nonverbal actions that indicate whether the business deal is progressing towards a positive note or a negative one. Experienced professionals pick up these clues and try to manipulate the situation to get the final result in their favor. Interestingly, the virtual world of businessmen, including website owners, bloggers, social media managers have their own code of protocol which can be judged. Here is a brief guide on how to interpret nonverbal communication signs in a virtual business. 

Prompt Feedback
Prompt replies and feedback is equal to a good pat on the back and an impressed client in real life. If your work is good enough, and the client is looking forward to develop a long term working relationship with you, chances are he would not want to lose you to another company. No more than 12 hours would be gone before you get your reply with seemingly appreciative remarks and indication of proceeding the work. 

Invitation to Read Relevant Blogs
Imagine going out for an official trip with a potential client, it can be either a decent luncheon appointment or a golf date. Some of the experienced chaps in the business world, learn what the interests and activities of the client are and try to impress them by meeting and talking to them on their level. I once went out of the way and recommended my client a great gold rangefinder reviews website that he loved and ended up buying his personal gear after reviewing golf buddy reviews here.  Similarly, the virtual world calls out for actions like visiting popular blogs or doing an online activity together that the client is passionate about. This indicates he is ready to share some personal thoughts and open up to make his decision based on the professionalism and personality that you show up during the casual conversation. Read up their background, find out likes and dislikes and turn the course of events to a positive side. 

Eager to Get Numbers
Business is all about numbers, the percentage of sales growth, profit margin, cost reduction, depreciation etc. For online businesses, clients who are eager to get numbers in terms of the audience that would reach out the blog, or the number of people who would buy the ebook or the video subscribers, are those who are almost there on giving the order but need a little bit of reassurance before making the final move. Now for such clients, identify their pulse where they stand and try to judge the kind of numbers that would impress them leading to deal confirmation. Research, plan and then discuss. 

Lesser Pay for Now, Greater for Later
Clients who approach virtual service providers with the opening statement of low initial work which is bound to increase with future, are usually those kinds of people who try to bargain with a new approach. They tend to get their work done at lower than market rates, promising a larger input of orders with time. Through personal experience and stories shared by many friends who work virtually, stay away from such clients as most of the times it is these clients who end up disappearing on you without paying anything for the work submitted. 


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Using Mobile Technologies for Work

In today’s world, professionals of all sorts make use of mobile technologies to provide amazing services to their clients. From high-profile lawyers to mom and pop store owners, people can expect them to use a smartphone or some other mobile device when offering services to their clients. For this reason, it really is a must for every professional to know how to use mobile technologies efficiently. Should professionals not be able to make it a point to do so, they will surely end up being at a disadvantage when compared to their competitors.

Here in Toronto, so many roofing companies now use smartphone apps to make their jobs much easier. Just how do they make use of such apps to deal with their clients’ problems? For one, they now make use of apps that make it easy to find even the smallest of leaks. It sometimes take hours for roofers to find a single leak that causes a lot of problems in a home, but this shouldn’t be the case anymore. This is because there is now an app that makes it easy to trace where even the smallest of leaks come from. Although not widely used by roofers in other places yet, virtually all Toronto-based roofers are now using such an app. For this reason, they are able to provide better service compared to roofers from other areas.

Of course, Toronto roofing contractors aren’t the only ones benefiting from the use of mobile technologies. Lawyers are now able to make their day much easier through such technologies. There are now apps tailored for lawyers that automate the tedious aspects of their job. From appointments to e-mails, everything can now be organized before a lawyer even gets to go through them through the help of such apps. According to a recently released research paper, lawyers who use such apps are at least 20% more productive than those who don’t. Considering this, it’s only right that all lawyers make it a point to adopt the use of mobile technologies.

One tech expert we interviewed with regard to the use of mobile technologies by professionals is Sydney Carlson. Here’s what he had to say about it.

“All professionals now need to make it a point to learn how to use mobile technologies. Not doing so will just lead to them not being able to cope up with the demands of their customers. Considering that mobile technologies have gotten so much cheaper, professionals don’t really have an excuse to not adopt their use anymore. The good news is that most people are now making it a point to do so. Because of what they’re doing, they can be sure that they won’t get left behind.”

Hopefully, this post of ours will make more people realize the importance of mobile technologies in daily life. It’s not just a matter of using such things at home anymore; it’s now also a matter of improving one’s services through their use. By making sure that you adapt to such a trend, you can be sure that your business won’t get left behind.

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The Wonders Of Light In The World Of Technology

The one property of light that technologists the world over sought to harness was its speed, which is the same as that of electro-magnetic radiation or pulses (EMP). Both travel at a fraction below 3×109 m per second (186,282 miles per second). This was because EMP was−and still is−subject to interference by other forms of radio waves. Having achieved that breakthrough, scientists next looked at transmitting data using light as the medium. That’s how fiber-optic cables, the micro-tunnels through which light is made to travel, came into being. Today, fiber-optic cables are commonly associated with telephones, cable TV and the Internet. Less known is the fact that they are put to use in a plethora of complex schemes, like medical imaging, inspection of technical engineering instruments and unbelievably fast data transfer in the surreal world of cloud computing.

What is Fiber Optics?

Fiber optics or optical fibers are elongated thin filaments of highly refined glass about 60,000 nanometers (nm) in diameter, equivalent to that of a strand of human hair. These strands are grouped in bundles to form a jacketed optical cable and then used to propagate light signals across distances as long as 5,000 km (3,125 miles) or more, boosted in between by optical regenerators wherever required. An optical fiber consists of a:

  • Core – The center of the glass fiber through which light travels.
  • Cladding – The outer optical shield encapsulating the core to reflect the light back into it.
  • Buffer coating – The plastic coating that safeguards the fiber from external damage.

There are two types of optical fibers:

  • Single-mode with small cores with a radius of 4-5.25 microns (µm) that transmit infrared (IR) ‘Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission by Radiation’, the eponymous LASER.
  • Multi-mode with wider cores with a radius of 31.25 µm that transmit IR light from LEDs.

Advantages of Fiber Optics

Fiber-optics has revolutionized the telecom and IT industry. Compared with the standard copper wire, fiber-optic cables are:

  • Cheaper, after a certain length. Cable TV and use of the Internet will cost you less.
  • Thinner, leading to a higher carrying capacity for a given cable thickness, and much lighter.
  • Less prone to signal degradation, with zero interference and clearer reception.
  • Low power requirement systems.
  • Ideally suited for digital signals. Data transfer capacity is approaching one Pettabyte per second-1024 trillion bits per second (bps), versus two million bps at the turn of the century.
  • Capable of delivering reliability, modularity and scalability with no loss of density, thereby bringing down costs in fiber deployment.
  • Flexible: Its flexibility permits utilization in:
    • Medical imagery – in bronchoscopes, laparoscopy and endoscopy.
    • Mechanical imaging -to inspect welds in pipes, check for scratches in jet engines, etc.
    • Plumbing – to examine sewers.
    • Data transmission using unlimited bandwidth

Lasers emit what is called coherent light, facilitating tight focusing, cutting, as well as lithography, while enabling common applications like laser pointers. That said, lasers have other important yet common applications like optical disk drives, barcode scanners & printers. Medical applications include laser surgery, treatment for various skin disorders, etc. Laser guns are used to mark targets, deduce speeds of vehicles, tennis and golf balls, and also measure range. Sound and light shows use laser light displays for entertainment.

The origin of laser printers is another fascinating story. It brought in high speed high quality printing of normal text incorporating numerous fonts to the market. In a series of seven rapid steps, a single laser beam uses photoconductivity to expose areas on a rotating drum within the machine that are forced to repel any toner ink. The areas layered with toner ink are then transferred onto a sheet of paper. What comes out at the end of one cycle is a perfectly printed page. Color printers employ cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK) toners, as against RGB, or red, green and blue which are the three standard colors used in printing.

Lights and lasers have found application in the beauty industry as well. The most common are hair removal and treatment of acne. In the latter case, two types of light therapy are in vogue: blue light therapy and intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy. Acne inflammation is most often caused by bacteria. This bacteria creates porphryins, which are micro-molecular in structure. Strangely enough, it is these self-created porphryins that, when excited by blue light, turn upon the bacteria and destroy the acne at its source. It has been proved that any light in the spectrum band of 400-1200 nm can remove acne with an 80 percent guarantee, without medication. With a spectrum band as tight as 405-420 nm, Blue light therapy for acne has proved very effective- check out this article that reviews the tria skin perfecting blue light system that can be used at home for example. The IPL system works somewhat differently. It generates rapidly pulsating yellow, green and red light in the 500-1200 nm spectrum. The yellow/green light kills off the acne bacteria, while the red light focuses on the hyperactive oil glands that breakout as pustules, shrinking them to normal- sized sebaceous glands, precluding excessive production of pore-blocking oil.

This technology is no longer new nor is it limited to operation by doctors. You can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home. Today’s devices combine the narrow-band blue light with the oil-gland focused red light. Not only do you kill the bacteria, you also reduce any inflammation thereby improving healing. These therapies work against active acne while also reducing the prominence of older scars, which can be covered over by make-up. Unfortunately, the bacteria are of a rapid-reproductive type, requiring half-hourly treatment using simple hand-held gadgets twice a day, for around 30 days. Table-top devices are also available and are more powerful, requiring one 15-minute session a day. It is more expensive, ranging between $300-750, against the lightweight hand-held devices in the $200-325 range. For greater insight into acne & acne scar removal, Michelle Evan’s blog which reviews best acne scar treatment products is a good point to start.

Laser Weapons

Laser weapons do exist in the arsenals of many advanced countries. Such weapon systems have been regularly displayed at airshows since 2010. The gun transmits energy in a given direction onto a potential target, destroying it without resorting to an expensive projectile. Laser weapons have several advantages over standard projectiles, like:

  • Its speed. At the speed of light, most targets are hit in microseconds. All that is required is to point and shoot. Kill probability is 100 percent. No compensations are required.
  • Lasers can hit a specific portion of the target.
  • Laser weapons have no limits on ammunition.
  • Laser beams cannot be detected when fired.

The only question that remains is detection of the target. Currently, this is done by conventional means like radar or a highly sophisticated camera and then aligning the laser weapon to the radar beam, which has to be of millimetric wavelength, or to the line of sight. This would limit the range of the laser weapon to about 10 km (6 miles). The target could well be as small as a slim incoming missile, but would still be neutralized safely. Aircraft can also carry laser weapons; most large Air Forces have the capacity to deliver laser guided bombs with an accuracy of one sq ft. Development of laser guided missiles is under way, for both transport and fighter aircraft. Satellites, whether in orbit or geo-stationary, can be destroyed by ground-based laser systems.

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