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Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina Display?

Well apple did it again. They are coming out with yet another Macbook pro, only this time it will have improved  Retina Display!! This new generation of pro’s will come with super slim 13 inch and 15 inch screens, which is perhaps yet another way the an apple junkie to get off on.   Within the unit its self, they have masterminded new ways to cut prices so they average joe can enjoy this new tool since it first came onto the market in 2012.  Pretty cool stuff and we look forward to breaking down what makes this new note book great and well…. not so great.

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Whats up with project Ara?

Oct 29, 13 Whats up with project Ara?

Its been about two years since Google purchased Motorola, making them one of the hippest cell phone companies on the market to date.  To say the least they are finally starting to release some really new and interesting stuff.   For about a year now Motorola has been planing to make a cell phone that pretty much has an exoskeleton.

What kind of stuff can you do?

Are you a super fan of the old school keywords, not the touch screen, but the ones where you actually have to put thums to plastic.

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Different Types of High Tech Locks

These days, you can never be too sure about your safety. Hence, it's very important to ensure that your house and car are equipped with the latest security devices. If you run a business, you should also invest in a remarkable security system so clients will trust you more and you'll be able to safeguard your assets.

Because of wonderful advances in technology, there is now a wider range of available locks that you can choose from for various purposes. Here's a glimpse at some of the high tech locks emerging in the market:

  • No-Drill Travel Lock

Just imagine being able to use a door lock wherever you go, just as an extra safety measure. If you travel a lot and stay in different hotels and other accommodations, you can simply insert this lock into the side of the frame without needing to drill or install. It serves as a safety precaution for when someone suddenly opens your door.

  • Remote Lock System

Do you know that more remote lock systems are being invented as you're reading this? There will come a time when you won't have to worry about where you've placed your keys because all locks will have a keyless entry. Such locks come with software that's integrated into your smartphone so you can control the lock remotely. Some models even allow you to virtually pass on the code or digital key to someone else who might need to open the door.

  • Touch Entry Lock

In the United Kingdom, there are already several modern houses that make use of the touch entry type of lock. This entails you to record your fingerprints so that you can simply touch the lock to open it. Pretty cool, right? You can certainly incorporate these with traditional locks to ensure maximum security in your home. The Bournemouth UK locals for instance, visit when in need of a professional locksmith in Bournemouth to install different types of locks on their homes and cars.

  • Number Lock

Have you ever heart of the number lock that's built in your door knob? It looks like the number codes that lock an attaché case or luggage. What's great about it is that only the one with the secret code can enter the door. And once you've gained entry, the numbers automatically reshuffle so that others who come after you will not be able to have access unless they also have the code.

Technology has certainly come a very long way and continuously journeys to greater heights. Don't be left behind! If you value your properties, you should upgrade your own lock system into something better.

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Why Can’t I Use my Personal Mobile Device at Work?

Whether an employee should use his own personal mobile device at work is a question that many IT departments are fighting with since most employees prefer to use their own smartphones, tablets as well as other technology gadgets at work. The reason is simple. Thanks to the almost daily breakthrough in technology, many people have more advanced personal devices than the ones provided by their employers. They want to use the most innovative hardware and software on the market. It is difficult to be tolerant of the older and clunkier hardware and software found in most workplaces.

One of the reasons many companies prefer providing a mobile devices to their staff is the ability to implement policies and procedures that ensure the security of company data. When employees have company devices, the management can enact appropriate network protection to control any kind of applications used on those devices as well as the mode of sharing data, depending on its sensitivity.

Some employers also think that giving employees mobile devices belonging to the company will somehow contribute to increased productivity. Issuing smartphones and tablets to employees who usually interact with customers beyond the workplace is something that will definitely contribute to the efficiency of the company’s operations. These devices have many features that make communication easier and they also have large hard disk space to handle large volumes of data. However, many employers usually have restrictions when it comes to the sensitivity of data. They incorporate many levels of protected access in order to maintain control over confidential information.

Some employers find the use of company owned mobile devices to be cost effective compared to employees bringing their own devices to work. Use of personal smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices may lead to fraud. It is all too easy for the company to end up for services and apps the employees use for their own pursuits, rather than for business purposes. With company devices, the management can monitor data and voice usage as well as its downtime. Also, the company will be able to select the mobiles devices and use the volume of devices to be offered the best rate for wireless services.

Assuming a company does allow a bring your own device situation (BYOD) policy, it will require much discipline and commitment from the employees to make sure the company’s procedures are followed. Employers will also need to put in place systems that ensure the security of the company’s information without infringing on the rights of the employees, or the employees infringing on the rights of the company. Often it is best to contract a third party to manage all the mobile devices being used on company business.

In a BYOD situation, it will also be important to have a user policy, stipulating clearly the access rights, operational procedures, and mutual expectations. The policy should be clear on things such as the sites that employees are allowed to access in order to avoid any attempts to access classified or questionable sites.

Another increasingly problematic issue is the role of a personal mobile device in an employee’s working longer hours. It is very difficult to turn off the work part of the device’s information flow simply because it is after regular office hours. Many employees end up unnecessarily answering emails and texts about work simply to move them off the system. Some employers almost expect all employees to be at their beck and call all the time. Even though such an immediate response is not part of the formal employment agreement, all too often it has become part of the normal routine in an office.

There are many pros and cons about using a personal mobile device for business. Both the employer and the employee can see both sides. Unfortunately, there is no one right or wrong answer. It is hoped that any decision is made after a thorough review of all the options and a consultation process including everyone involved.

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Is a Tablet or a Desktop PC Better for a Retiree?

When choosing between a tablet and desktop computer for retirees, there are many factors that should be considered before reaching a decision. Many older people have special needs so finding a technological device that is just right, might take some time. Here, we will discuss the alternatives for those in the market for a new tablet or personal computer.

What will the computer be used for?

Tablets aren’t just for reading books anymore. Even brands that started as simple e-readers now have Internet capability, and with the apps available for them they can now check email, play games, take pictures, watch videos, and create word processing documents in some cases. As powerful as tablets have become in recent years, there’s still things they cannot do. Tasks like doing taxes, printing documents, and although some software titles for video editing or picture editing are available on tablets, the full-featured titles will only be available on a personal computer. If you are a senior citizen and need an additional resource on tablets that are recommended just for you, just did a recent review of tablets for seniors that you will want to check out. Understanding how you will use the PC or tablet is the first step in making an informed decision.

How much mobility will be needed?

Many will list travel as a main hobby for their retirement. How often will that person be at home to use a desktop computer? While gone, will they need to have the same access level to their online activity as when at home, or are they completely comfortable going ‘off net’ while on vacation? Also, mode of travel may be a consideration. If travel will be by recreational vehicle (RV), some models do offer satellite Internet connection and could have a small area carved out for a computer workstation. However, if that’s not feasible, a tablet may be more practical for those who want connectivity on the go.

File storage and Backup

For those who keep a lot of pictures and documents that they need backed up, the choice between a tablet and a desktop is important. Backups are critical for files like tax files, contracts, warranties, family photos, etc. to protect them from device failure. There are online backup services that can assist tablet owners and keep their files safe. However, services like Dropbox and Google drive, online storage spaces that can be accessed from both desktop computers and tablets, make it less of a concern when choosing. As for storage space, tablets are severely limited compared to desktop computers. Tablets can normally store 16GB to 64GB depending on model. Dropbox and Google drive can help this as well, but those aren’t infinite either. Modern desktop computers offer 500GB to 3TB. For comparison 1TB is 1,000 GB. Desktops win that category, but that much storage may not be needed. The Apple vs. Windows debate may make a difference. Apple excels at keeping their email and calendar, notes and even music files stored “in the cloud”, which is essentially on the Internet in a protected space, synced and backed up. This is achieved with very little setup. The Windows platform has come a long way in this regard. They’ve recently implemented their own cloud services, but Apple still leads the way in this category.

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Why Businesses Need a Great Online Presence

I used to be a corporate guy before I became a tech blogger. Because of my experiences both in the finance and tech industry, I know for a fact how having a great online presence can benefit any kind of business. By having a great online presence, any business can gain a significant foothold in their sector. In some cases, they may even supplant the leaders in their industry due to the fact that they take advantage of web technologies to improve their services. The reason why I am actually writing this post is to talk about the importance of having a great online presence to doing business. By doing so, I hope to make more business owners focus more on building their online presence.

To illustrate my point I am going to talk about Banc de Binary. Banc de Binary is considered by many people all over the world to be the best binary options brokerage in the world. Looking up banc de binary reviews on the internet, one will see that almost everyone raves about their website. Indeed, people have good reason to do so. Unlike most other binary options brokerages, Banc de Binary offers its clients access to a trading platform that runs very smoothly. In addition to this, the brokerage’s trading platform and website have absolutely zero bugs. Coupled with the fact they also boast an amazing design, it is easy to see why so many people love doing binary options trading with Banc de Binary.

By going through binary options trading platform reviews, you will see that people generally complain of them not running very well because of how they are embedded on their websites. This is not the case with Banc de Binary. Banc de Binary’s website and trading platform perfectly complement each other. Also, this isn’t the case only for Banc de Binary’s main website. Banc de Binary’s mobile website also features a trading platform which has the full range of features found on their main trading platform. Because of this, Banc de Binary clients don’t miss out on amazing trading opportunities even when they’re on the go.

“I love doing binary options trading with Banc de Binary because their mobile website has such amazing features. When you compare it to the mobile websites of other binary options brokerages, you’ll see that they don’t hold a candle to it. With Banc de Binary, anyone can make amazing trades even when they aren’t at home,” Patty O’Brien, a binary options trader/housewife from Toronto, told us over the phone. Just like O’Brien, many other people from all over the world love doing business online with entities that have an amazing website.

As a business owner, you really should invest in an online marketing firm that can help you attain a great online presence. By doing so, you will see that you will gain more customers and profit in no time. Having a great website with a great design can turn things into your favour. It may seem like such a small thing, but it actually isn’t.

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The Way Technology Changes

Technology in the handsAn ex colleague from back in my suit and tie days contacted me the other day to ask if I had any updates about new Nokia phone releases. Now, to be fair, this wasn’t exactly an unexpected call because this guy is regularly calling me for the latest news about all sorts of gadgets. I think he likes to sprout his new knowledge around the office. The funny thing is, whenever I reveal something new to him, I can tell that it’s all going way over his head and he rarely understands a thing I’m saying.  This got me to thinking about the early days of new technology releases and how I was always clueless to the workings of even the most basic of machines. I thought I would take some time out from the tech wonders of the modern era and share some of those ‘olden’ memories with you today.

Not another phone 

My first job was a bank clerk and I had only been in the branch a few days when the phones were all upgraded. Suddenly my basic plain looking telephone with big buttons had been replaced by what looked to be some sort of toy UFO. It was black and sleek, and it had little buttons everywhere. There were 6 lines to it, and when more than one call came through at a time, it would light up everywhere. I eventually got the hang of that part, but don’t get me started on the unreasonable complexity of transferring calls.

The fax machine

I remember clearly the buzz of excitement about this one. The first time I saw it my heart sank. You guessed it– too many buttons. After some strenuous contemplation, I eventually figured out all that I needed to do on that thing; send and receive. Actually, I’m not telling the complete truth. There may have been times when I needed reminding of which side the writing on the paper had to be inserted so those on the receiving end could read it. I vividly recall crying out at times “writing up or down?”

Technology storage

I still remember the day I was put in charge of storing all of our technology while the office was being repainted. I had no idea what I was doing and I put all of it in a shed at the back of the building. When it rained I ruined thousands of dollars of equipment – oops! Today our company uses two specially outfitted waterproof shipping containers, which we were able to purchase used from Cork’d to create a safe storage area for all our unused technology.

It’s All Good

Looking back, it was at times quite stressful trying to grasp how the world was changing with all these new office machines and gadget attachments. At the time, I was vehemently opposed to them, but how times have changed. The thing is, technology will continue to develop, but so will the need to make it very user friendly. You can’t be expected to stay on top of everything, so don’t even try. Just focus on the things that meet your needs right now, and take some time to learn how that piece of technology can help you. If you get stuck, just look around online. You can generally find an answer to anything.

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How Software Is Improving Transvaginal Mesh Procedures

Transvaginal mesh devices aren’t new; they’ve been used by surgeons to prevent pelvic organ prolapse for the last 15 years or so. During this time, the surgical procedure has been improved and refined by doctors who want to give their patients a chance to return to a normal life.

The procedure has improved over the years, but doctors are still limited by human error; even the best doctors have days where things just don’t seem to go right. When inserting a transvaginal mesh device (complete details), a doctor needs to use precise measurements to make sure that the device is inserted correctly; if their measurements are off, the device can cause pain and discomfort.

A New Software Solution

The medical field has always embraced new technology, and surgeons who work with transvaginal mesh devices aren’t any different. A new software package called TransByte has recently hit the market; it allows surgeons to complete the procedure quickly and effectively. According to the surgeons who field tested the product, they can’t help but embrace the endless benefits of computer-aided surgery.

TransByte makes inserting a transvaginal mesh less invasive; the software uses cameras and tracking devices to give doctors a closeup view of what they are doing; this enhanced visualization allows them to make small and strategically placed incisions by the patient’s thigh. Smaller incisions in this area means that patients suffer less trauma, blood loss and downtime from the surgery; patients experience a shorter hospital stay, faster rehabilitation rates and a quick return to normal life.

Software-assisted surgery means that the mesh is always placed precisely; proper alignment and placement guarantee that patients virtually never have to worry about the device again. TransByte is like a GPS system for your doctor; they use it to avoid the complications and roadblocks they used to face during one of these surgeries.

How Does It Work?

The logic behind TransByte is quite simple; you combine digital images with implant-specific software to help doctors perform perfect procedures. Computer hardware tracks the position of the patient’s prolapse; it also tracks the doctor’s equipment throughout the procedure. If the doctor has a misstep, the software lets him know that something is up.

If you’re not confident about letting a machine perform surgery, you don’t have to worry; the surgeon is still performing the actual procedure, but he’s doing it with a bit of help. The computer simply puts together information to make sure that everything is being done correctly; if your surgeon knows precisely what he’s doing, he can do a better job. Everyone’s pelvic landscape is different; computer-guided accuracy can only result in a quicker and less painful procedure.

The Patient Sees The Biggest Benefits

As you can probably imagine, a surgeon that uses software to insert a transvaginal mesh device will achieve a better outcome for the patient. Computer-assisted procedures are still evolving; as they get more advanced, they become more precise and less invasive. If you’re for shorter hospital stays, quicker procedures and perfect results, then keep your eye out for advancements in computer-assisted surgery.

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Cool Things You Can Do With Shipping Containers

shippingcontainersShipping containers are very popular right now, which I have to admit I definitely did not see coming. People are using them to build homes, offices, and even as temporary classrooms at some schools. In fact, I recently rented 10′ container for my backyard which is now my office/guy room. I hooked up 5 computers so I can have LAN parties with my friends and even put in a big screen so we can watch sports as loud as we want with anyone getting upset. It was much easier and cheaper than an addition to the house and I didn’t even need a permit from the City. If you live in southern California, you can find storage container rentals in Los Angeles for cheap and build your own man cave.

There are a ton of other cool things you can do with shipping containers, like:

  • Haunted House: What better way to scare a bunch of kids than in a pitch black steel container? Set up some black lights and curtains to hide behind and you’ll be able to put together a haunted house they’ll be talking about for years.
  • Computer Lab: My daughters school needed a new computer lab and decided to use a 40′ shipping container instead of building a new classroom. It turned out to be much less expensive and it was easy to hook up the needed electrical outlets. It’s also very secure because it’s made out of metal so there’s no fear of someone being able to break in.
  • Sound Studio: Looking for your own sound studio but don’t have room in your house? A shipping container is a great place for your band to play because it’s easy to control the acoustics. Just hang some  insulation along the walls and ceiling along with a few microphones. You’ll be able to get a professional recording without paying for expensive studio time.
  • Dance Party: Need a place for you next dance party? Why not a 40′ container? There will be plenty of room for you and all your friends and you can shut the doors to minimize the noise so you can keep the party going all night long.
  • Pop-Up Business: Shipping containers are meant to be moved which means they make a perfect pop-up business. Want to sell coffee and cupcakes but don’t have enough money for a lease on a storefront or a food truck? A container can be your de facto store which you can have dropped off at a different location every week.
  • Guesthouse: This is my favorite option, especially when the in-laws are in town for a visit. Get a 10-20′ container delivered and add bed, a dresser, and a desk. If you really want to go all out you can get plumbing installed so you can add a bathroom and kitchen. Then you’ll never have to see your visitors!

Shipping containers for personal use are more than just a passing fad. Every week I read about more and more creative ways people are using them. If you’re interested in coming up with your own way to use a shipping container check out which has a ton of different options.

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How To Operate A ForkLift

Lift truck flipped on side after fallingMany small and large businesses use forklifts. Forklifts are generally used for warehouse and yard work. Small businesses also utilize the forklift for jobs like garden center work and/or relocating merchandise in a hardware store. Every business should be equipped with safety instructions on how to operate a forklift. When you have the basic information on how to operate a forklift with the safety precautions a forklift can be an asset to any business. There are several types of forklifts available. Never horseplay when using mechanical machinery. The operator of a forklift should always use their horn when backing up. Remember to operate a forklift slowly when in use. This short guide will show you how, if you’re looking for used forklifts for sale orforklift rentals, we suggest using these links.
The first step in safely operating a forklift is: know what type of forklift that you are using. (Familiarize yourself with its specific instructions for operation.) Before and after starting the forklift for operational use make sure that you inspect around the equipment. Make sure the tires are operational, there are no missing or damaged knobs, check for leaks and make sure nothing is hindering the forklift from the lifting process. It is also recommended that you check the engine compartment for fluid levels, fluid leaks and fuel levels. (Fuel levels should be at least a quarter of a tank for any job.)

The second step in safely operating a forklift is: (Make sure you are safely climbing into the forklift to ensure that you do not fall.) Adjust your seat so that it is comfortably positioned to the steering wheel. Next, make sure your seat belt is fastened. Your next step should be making sure the hand brake is fully engaged, make sure your foot is on the foot brake and the drive shift level is in neutral. Now you are successfully ready to turn over the ignition. Listen to the engine running and make sure everything sounds like it is running smooth. Take another look at the fuel and the gauges to make sure they are at the correct levels. Then check the lift mechanism of the forklift. Raise and lower them slowly, resting them a foot off the floor. (The lifting fork should be a foot off the floor when in operation.) Next, try your tilt control knob and your horn. Then, with your foot still on the foot brake, you should release the hand brake. You should then push the driving switch to forward and allow the forklift to gradually move forward. Finally, the operator should then put the driver switch in reverse and carefully back up a few feet. (You can now engage in operation of the forklift.)

The 3rd step to safely operate a forklift is: find the position of the load that you are attempting to lift. Determine what procedure is needed to lift that object. When the operator is raising or lowering a load, the forklift should be brought close to the truck. Then depending on if you load is racked or stacked then the forks should be lifted. Do not attempt to turn the forklift with the lifting fork raised. This could cause damage to the operator, the forklift, the material and the work area. The goal of safely operating a forklift is to operate the machinery without damage to the material or individual.

When you have finished using the forklift you should park it on a flat surface with the lifting fork on the surface of the floor. The operator should then engage the parking brake, turn off the ignition and remove the key. Finally, watch your step when mounting off of a forklift. To explore this topic in even further depth, click here.


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Efficient Web Design for New Mobile Technologies

webRecent statistics show that mobile internet usage has already overtaken desktop internet usage – for this reason, it is important for website owners to have an effective mobile internet marketing strategy. Focusing on one’s “desktop website” will always be important, but one will lose a lot of potential customers unless one also focuses on its mobile counterpart. The good news is that one’s mobile and desktop strategies don’t have to be wholly separate. The reason why I am actually writing this post is to talk about how website owners can now employ an integrated desktop and mobile marketing strategy to generate leads. Hopefully, what I write in this post will prove helpful to them.

Until very recently, almost all website owners had a simple mobile counterparts for their websites. The reason for this is that the mobile devices back then were not powerful enough to run desktop websites. The advent of smartphones and tablets has changed the mobile landscape, however. Even low-cost smartphones and tablets can now run desktop websites. Because of this, many website owners have now done away with mobile counterparts. Although having mobile counterparts still has its upsides, most website owners will now likely benefit more from having websites that work well on both mobile devices and desktop computers – websites that work well on both platforms have what is called a “responsive web design.”

Unlike traditional websites, websites that have a responsive web design are simpler but not as bare bones as traditional mobile sites. Aside from being simpler, they also offer full mobile functionality without looking awkward on desktop computers. One of the biggest advantages of utilizing such a design is that it is SEO-friendly. With websites that have a mobile counterpart, SEO is not fully utilized because there are actually two separate websites. With responsive web design, one only has to improve the search engine rankings of one website to fully market one’s business on both desktop and mobile platforms. Another advantage responsive web design brings is that user experience tends to be more positive on websites with such a design – this is because the use of just one website leaves little room for confusion.

Goggle, the biggest search engine on the internet, has even explicitly supported the use of responsive web design. Due to their support, most internet marketing agencies now primarily do responsive web design for their clients. (If you are looking to hire an internet marketing agency for your website, please visit Aside from simplifying the work done by internet marketing agencies, utilizing a responsive web design also helps them focus more on quality off-page SEO.

Most website owners would do well to make their websites’ designs responsive. Making a responsive web design is very different from making a traditional desktop website, though. For this reason, most website owners would be better off hiring an internet marketing agency to do the job – unless one has time to learn heaps of information, one would be better off leaving the web design work to the professionals.


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New Plastic Surgery Technologies

Drawing marks for abdominal plastic surgeryPlastic surgery has come along away since it first became mainstream. Gone are the days when people necessarily had to undergo drastic invasive surgeries to get the body they wanted, and it’s all thanks to the advent of new technologies. Through such technologies, procedures such as breast augmentation are not as complicated as they used to be (note: if you are from Scottsdale and are currently looking for a breast augmentation scottsdale medical expert, please visit The reason why I am actually writing this article is to talk about some new plastic surgery technologies. Hopefully, what I write here will end up informing people that plastic surgery is now a lot safer, more painless, and more effective.

Spider veins are a problem a lot of older adults have. While they don’t adversely affect one’s health, they can be unsightly. The good news is that there are now new technologies that are very effective in treating it. One of these technologies happens to be a detergent solution that is effective at collapsing such veins. By injecting the solution into spider veins, a doctor can easily collapse such veins in a very painless manner. Aside from causing significantly less pain compared to older laser treatments, it also works to minimize the recurrence of spider veins. According to a colleague of mine who happens to be a spider veins manhattan doctor, the frequency of him performing spider veins treatments has increased ever since he started using the technology (you can visit his website at According to her, most of her patients who undergo spider veins treatment tell her that the older laser treatments just aren’t worth the pain and money because they had a relatively low chance of preventing the recurrence of spider veins.

While breast augmentation technology has been producing great results for decades now, it still continues to improve. One of the newest breast augmentation technologies enables doctors to perform surgery that’s less drastic and produces no scars. In addition, it also utilizes a silicone-gel implant that’s firmer and safer compared to older ones. Whether one is a former cancer patient who wants to undergo breast reconstruction or just wants to attain larger breasts, one can be sure that the newest breast augmentation technologies have made the procedure considerably safer, in addition to making it yield better results – through the use of new breast augmentation technologies, one’s ends up having a significantly lower risk of developing complications compared to those who undergo more traditional breast augmentation procedures.

Melanie, a breast cancer survivor, recently had breast reconstruction surgery that utilized the newest technologies. Although she has been free of cancer for five years now, she only decided to undergo breast reconstruction this year. “I was afraid of its many complications. Aside from causing wrinkles and other cosmetic effects, doctors told me that older treatments also has a moderate risk of failing and necessitating additional surgeries. I didn’t want that. I had to wait for breast augmentation technologies to significantly improve before I underwent the procedure,” Melanie told us.

Hopefully, what I’ve written here will end up helping people make better-informed decisions when it comes to undergoing plastic surgery. The field of plastic surgery has considerably improved over the last decade, anyone who dismissed undergoing plastic surgery due to safety concerns a few years ago would do well to reconsider it.

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