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Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina Display?

17-apple-macbook-pro-3Well apple did it again. They are coming out with yet another Macbook pro, only this time it will have improved  Retina Display!! This new generation of pro’s will come with super slim 13 inch and 15 inch screens, which is perhaps yet another way the an apple junkie to get off on.   Within the unit its self, they have masterminded new ways to cut prices so they average joe can enjoy this new tool since it first came onto the market in 2012.  Pretty cool stuff and we look forward to breaking down what makes this new note book great and well…. not so great.

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Whats up with project Ara?


Its been about two years since Google purchased Motorola, making them one of the hippest cell phone companies on the market to date.  To say the least they are finally starting to release some really new and interesting stuff.   For about a year now Motorola has been planing to make a cell phone that pretty much has an exoskeleton.

What kind of stuff can you do?

Are you a super fan of the old school keywords, not the touch screen, but the ones where you actually have to put thums to plastic.

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Advanced Technologies for the Modern Home

These days, technology has become so ubiquitous. It has not only pervaded every aspect of human life, it is influencing how homes area being designed and built. Trends in home design keep in step with science and technology as architects and designers take advantage of what is technologically available to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a home. Today, technology is being utilized to make houses more comfortable and convenient, as well as more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

To gauge how hi-tech a house and its inhabitants are, you can simply count the number of digital devices and appliances being used. However, home technologies are not limited to the computers and smartphones that the homeowners possess; because technology can also be used in other aspects of home living.

With technology, it is now possible to have “on-demand” access to different systems in your home like audiovisual entertainment, lighting, telephone and wireless internet. With a touch of a button, you can turn on wireless devices, control security cameras, play your favorite music or dim the lights.  There are even “smart” bathtubs that you can program for your preferred settings on water temperature and bacterial filtration.

Since many of the activities in a household take place in the kitchen, designers can incorporate technology in several of its features. There are now cabinets and storage spaces that can be activated by touch. This means that you simply touch a cabinet door to make it open. Moreover, opening a cabinet activates a light for a clearer visual of the contents. Kitchen hygiene is likewise enhanced with hands-free faucets that make use of motion sensors in regulating water flow.

In the past, energy efficiency in the home was mainly achieved thru proper insulation and installation of good-quality doors and windows similar to those marketed on this site for windows and doors Oshawa in Canada. However, modern homes of today can do more than that. Smart technologies enable homeowners to control the thermostat in the home while providing information on how much energy is being consumed by the cooling or heating devices.

It is now possible for you to bathe the hi-tech way without paying more for your water bill. When showering with technology-enabled water fixtures, you can save more water because they turn on and off by sensing motion. In addition, shower heads are made to enable the flow or larger water droplets so you can still get the same luxurious shower experience with less amount of water.

Contemporary homes that utilize advanced technologies are not only beautiful; they are also very functional without sacrificing on comfort. Considering how rapidly technology is advancing today, you can look forward to a future where homes are more eco-friendly, cost-effective, convenient and most of all, stylish.

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New Technologies in Cosmetic Surgery

With the continuing quest of several people to enhance their look, new technology is also continuously being developed to provide more options to patients. Plastic surgery is a common practice for improving one’s look, whether it’s for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. Some of the most common procedures done are breast augmentation, liposuction, facelift, nose lift and tummy tuck. You’ll find surgeons that specialize in various areas in this field in Denver and Minneapolis. Here are some of the latest technologies in the world of plastic surgery.

Cohesive Gel Breast Implants

Women who are dissatisfied with their breasts may consider having breast augmentation in Minneapolis. This could be the solution for small or uneven breasts, as well as those that lack firmness. Saline and silicone implants are often used for the procedure. However, the newest technology in this field is becoming more and more popular. It’s called the cohesive gel breast implants. Whether you’re having your first implants or replacing existing ones, these implants would give you that more natural feel. Since they feel like real breasts, you would feel more confident, even when next to your partner.

Laser Lipolysis System

Less invasive procedures are a hit to patients because they are not as painful and they also don’t require long recovery period. Moreover, there is also a lower risk of scarring. Laser lipolysis system is a new liposuction method that makes use of laser for removing unwanted fats. This is more accurate as the specific area that needs to be treated is targeted more easily. It’s minimally invasive, though it may still cause burns and swelling.


This is another technology developed for removing stubborn fats. It’s non invasive so no needles would be inserted in your skin. The CoolSculpting device will be placed on the surface of the area that requires treatment. The device freezes the fats, which then naturally dissolve in the system, then eliminated. The procedure typically lasts for one hour and since there are no incisions made, you can resume your regular activities after this.

GFX Nerve Ablation System (GFX)

Botox is what’s commonly used for treating wrinkles and frown lines. The solution is injected on the part that needs treatment, which then relaxes the muscles on that area, thus smoothing the lines. It’s a quick procedure that doesn’t require the use of anesthesia. While the pain is bearable, those who are afraid of needles may still not consider this procedure. Another option is the use of GFX Nerve Ablation System (GFX). Radio frequency is used instead to deliver the same result.

With the growing needs of patients of non-invasive and more effective cosmetic procedures, people who are in this field also don’t stop in developing new ways and technologies to provide better options. Whether you choose the usual surgery procedures or the new methods, make sure that you only hire the best surgeon. Find a board certified and experienced plastic surgeon in Denver that you can trust. He must be experienced in the area that you need help with. Moreover, you should be comfortable since you will be putting your safety in his hands.

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What is Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX (private branch exchange) is like a traditional PBX telephone system in that it routes incoming business calls through a business telephone network. The difference between a traditional PBX system and a Hosted PBX system is that, even though it works using existing telephones and telephone lines, Hosted PBX uses the internet to keep those lines connected. As the internet becomes an increasingly critical tool for business and communication, the popularity of Hosted PBX systems grows along with it.

Details about Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX systems work with analog telephones, softphones, VoIP, and SIP compliant IP phones. Callers are able to complete traditional telephone system tasks, including extension selection and leaving a voicemail, and many Hosted PBX service providers offer additional call control features, such as call forwarding and conference calling.

The call forwarding feature is one of the best benefits of a Hosted PBX system. Call forwarding is also available with many Hosted PBX systems but, since the telephones in a Hosted PBX system are connected via the internet, many systems allow employees to have their calls transferred to any location where there is a telephone or an internet connection. For example, a business that hires employees to work remotely can have the employee’s calls transferred directly to their cell phones, home phones, or even a computer at a remote job site. This level of flexibility allows employees more freedom to work away from their work or home offices, thereby adding a new layer of potential productivity. It also allows employees to be more accessible to clients, which results in increased customer satisfaction. Of course, that’s not the only benefit of a Hosted PBX system.

Benefits of Hosted PBX

Another primary benefit of installing a Hosted PBX system is the price point. Since Hosted PBX is software-based, it replaces standard hardware-based PBX systems. What that means for the business consumer is that there is no need to invest in new, traditional and expensive physical telephone systems, or the pricey upkeep, upgrading and maintenance that comes with them. Hosted PBX telephone systems can be integrated with existing telephones. The significant cost savings opens the door for small businesses to benefit from the same advanced technologies that were once only affordable for larger companies and corporations. That is important to the bottom line, of course, but it also allows those smaller businesses to present a professional image of their company to clients without spending a lot of money doing it.

Speaking of cost savings, with a Hosted PBX system there is no need to hire a staff operator because an automated operator will guide incoming callers. Also, there is no need to hire permanent or even contract staff to maintain or monitor the hardware of traditional telephone systems since Hosted PBX is essentially hardware free and operates over the internet.

Another benefit of a Hosted PBX telephone system is that it is hassle free relative to traditional hardware-based telephone systems. Since there is very little hardware to deal with and all services are handled remotely, the consumer can engage in worry free communications. No maintenance means no down time and less time off the telephones. It also means very little training is required to acclimate employees.

While there are many benefits associated with implementing a Hosted PBX telephone system, the primary benefits are convenience and price. With Hosted PBX, businesses have the ability to significantly cut costs while improving employee productivity, accessibility and customer satisfaction at the same time. It really is no wonder that the popularity of Hosted PBX systems is at an all-time high.

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Fun Things to Do With a Remote Control Helicopter

Things change fast and one of the quickest things to evolve is toys. Remote control helicopters in particular have seen huge leaps in technological advancement and are no longer seen as a kid’s toy. In fact, more and more these days you see adults enjoying a day out with these “toys”. There’s more than one way to have fun with an rc helicopter though and below, I have come up with 5 ways for you and your friends to have a fun day out.

First, though, make sure you have the right equipment. Check out these useful reviews on the best remote control helicopter to buy.

  • Battle Simulations

This is a great way to have fun with your friends.  Plan different battles to fight, situations that can involve all of you. There will always be some who are better than others, have more skill, but intelligence is a big factor over brute force and skill.  There are so many different ways to play this that there won’t be any opportunity to get bored.  Do play safe though. It’s easy to get too involved and people can end up getting hurt. You don’t want to break your toy either!

  • Go Racing

This is the most common way to have some fun with your helicopter. Create a bit of an obstacle course and get racing. You can even come up with prizes for winners and forfeits for losers just to add a bit more fun to it.

  • Build a Tower

Or another building, perhaps. Certain helicopters can be used for moving things into position and you can have some real fun constructing all manner of buildings. You will probably need to purchase a few accessories to go with your helicopter but you can have hours of fun afterwards.

  • Use it For Photography or Shooting a Video

Aerial photography is certainly becoming more popular and, to aid this, remote control helicopters are becoming more and more advanced, while getting smaller.  You can mount a small camera on to your helicopter and take some great aerial shots. Or, you can put a small movie camera on there and make some great videos. Before you laugh it out of hand, bear in mind that many movie producers are turning to remote control helicopters to get some of their shots, even in the blockbuster action movies.

  • Have Competitions in Assembly

You can buy your helicopter already assembled or you can buy a kit to make your own.  One thing that is taking off is competitions in assembling them. Compete against other people to see who can build their helicopter the fastest. If you take part in a proper competition, not only do you have a day of fun but also, if you win, you can take home a cash prize.

  • Fly Your Helicopter Off a Boat

It might not sound like much fun but if you add the rocking and rolling of the bat into the equation, flying a helicopter becomes a completely different challenge. Plus you get to practice your landing skills since you can’t land just anywhere!

If you haven’t bought your helicopter yet, what are you waiting for? You are missing out on a whole lot of fun. I found some useful information and rc helicopter reviews that will help you decide what to buy.

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Helpful Tips When Searching for Tech Related Services

When you are running a business, you definitely need help from tech experts. Whether you need someone to fix your computer or install software, the help extended by experts will make everything easier for you. Also, when you are running an online campaign, you also need these experts to ensure that your campaign will end up in success. Therefore, if you are searching for someone who can help you with any tech related issue, here are some tips in order for you to find a perfect partner:

• Check the number of years the company is in service. This speaks a lot about their expertise in the industry. If they have provided services for several years now, it means that they can also provide you with the type of services that you need. Furthermore, people trust them a lot and so they are still offering tech services until now.

• Make inquiries first before sealing the deal. When calling them to ask questions, include questions related to their service rates. You should also include questions about what they plan to do to help you out. This will help you test their ability related to the services that you would ask from them. If they can answer your questions well, then it speaks volume about their expertise.

• Make sure that you are provided good customer service right from the start. This is why you have to call them for inquiries. Should you be accommodated well even if you are just asking questions, then they will surely give you greater services later on.

• Look for reviews and testimonials from other clients. This will help you make your decision since they have already sought for help from these companies.

• Ask if they offer trial services. There are certain tech services online that may be given using a free trial. Once you are convinced, you can ask them to give you full services. If not, you can just move on to find another company.

Once you have already been convinced, you may now seal the deal. For all your tech service needs, you may visit Tech Central Station here.

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Tech Tip: Watch Movies for Free at

Who doesn’t love to watch a good movie? After a long, hard day, there’s nothing more therapeutic for me than grabbing a huge bowl of popcorn, putting on some comfortable clothes, and watching a movie. However, going to the movies are expensive, and you would usually contend with stale popcorn, noisy crowds, and rude people, especially if you’re watching a movie that a lot of people want to see.

With, you won’t need to bother with any of those! Don’t have internet? With a quick call to the Charter phone number for your new internet connection, you can watch all the movies you want in the comfort and safety of your own home, and it won’t even come close to what you would spend in a movie house. Isn’t technology great? What’s more, you can get to choose from a variety of movie genres when you choose to watch movies on You can take your pick from:

• Comedy
Whether you’re alone or with your friends, watching a comedy is always a good choice. Laughter is the best medicine, after all, and the great thing about most comedies is that you won’t really need to worry about the plot or character development. Just hit play, and let all your worries and cares float away with your laughter.

• Action
If you have a boy’s night in (or even a girl’s night in), choose the latest action flick for some heart-pounding movie enjoyment! These days, most action movies are a spectacle of explosions and special effects that are so realistic, you might have a hard time wondering if they aren’t true.

• Romance
Whether it’s a silly, sweet little “chick flick”, or a deep and moving romance movie, you can get those butterflies in your stomach when you choose from one of the romance movies available on If you don’t have a lot of money to spare on a date, ask your special someone over, make some popcorn in the microwave, and get ready for a night of romance. If you can, go for classics, such as Gone with Wind, and Casablanca.

• Thriller/Suspense
There’s a reason why so many classic films are thrillers: the mystery of the unknown, and the plot twist at the end that you never saw coming makes for a good film! Watch the works of the master of the thriller movie himself, Alfred Hitchcock, such as Psycho and The Birds.

• Horror
If you’re not in the mood for a romantic movie, but still want a great time with your date, try a horror movie! Studies have shown that the body releases the same hormones when you watch a horror movie and a romantic movie, so your date would be in the mood to cuddle afterwards. Plus it won’t hurt when your date cuddles closer to you during the movie!

• Sci-Fi
Of course, there’s something for the geeks as well! If you love intergalactic fight scenes and futuristic weapons dueling during the eternal battle of good and evil, then has the sci-fi selection just for you.

What are you waiting for? Visit here and choose your favorite movies from their wide selection. You might even stumble on a new favorite, or find a beloved old movie that you never though you would see again!

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Hawaii is Smoking Hot!

As you probably can guess from my title, I recently went to Hawaii with some friends just to get away from work and stress. Well, that and to test a few of my “techy babies”. I specifically chose Hawaii because of the amazing combination of beach and wildlife, and of course, the gorgeous ladies with their flowers on their hair. The experience was so thrilling. The islands were perfect and natives were friendly. I think I’ve never been relaxed like that for a long time.

The trip was a success also thanks to Adventure World (a company offering deals for Hawaii holidays) for cutting our travel effort by half. They literally took care of everything, from the accommodation, transportation, schedule, itineraries, and other concerns. All we had to do was go along and enjoy the view.

The first island we hopped onto was Lana’i or the “Private Island”. There’s an ancient volcano sitting just above the shore and the beach was just fantastic. The water was clear and cool as we swam, snorkeled, and kayaked. We even visited the Lana’i Culture and Heritage Center.

Then we went to the Humpback National Marine Sanctuary in Olowalu where we saw a lot of turtles, dolphins, and whales. For me that was one of the highlights of the trip because I got to clearly view the animals using my Leica Silverline Ultravid Binoculars. This babe puts HD viewing to the next level. It eliminates scattered light and color noise to give you the clearest view you can have. It also repels water and dirt which makes it suitable for nature tripping.

For the last leg of our trip, we went to Honomalino Bay and basically just relaxed and enjoyed the beach. It’s a typical beach with coconut trees, sunbathers, kids playing on the sand, families having fun. There were colorful corals and diverse schools of fishes. The place was enchanting, to say the least. We spent the night there and ate at the beach which gave me the opportunity to use another one of my tech babes, Dunhill Sentryman Explorer II. This ballpen can create fire by striking its shell to a stone. We used it to roast our fish. It’s a pretty handy equipment for every traveler so I recommend that you get one for yourself.

Hawaii is one of the best trips I’ve had ever and I’ll gladly do it again.

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How to Start a Video Blog

Starting a blog is easy – you just need a subject and lots of enthusiasm. Oh, and some marketing skills as well. That aside though, despite the thousands of people that start blogs every day, very few go on to any form of success.  That’s because

  1. They haven’t got a subject that anyone is interested in
  2. They can’t write
  3. They haven’t done anything about marketing their blog, about getting it out there to the millions.

If you have a blog and, well, it isn’t really performing as it should, have you thought about jazzing things up a bit? No? How about this – a video blog.  Obviously, you need a little more equipment and space but, once you are set up, you could be on the road to success.  Here’s what you need:

  • Space – And a fair bit of it too for all the equipment you are going to need. I expanded into video blogging and needed space so I checked out how much it would cost to rent Chicago office space and found this rental website very helpful.
  • Camera – A decent video camera will do the trick but don’t go for the cheapest – it won’t work. Splash out and buy something along the lines of a DSLR camera – they have the best quality pictures and the best sound
  • Tripod – A must to keep the camera steady. Look for something sturdy and large.
  • Auto-Cue – You need a smaller desk tripod for this. An auto-cue scroll the words you want to say so you don’t keep forgetting!
  • Backdrop – You want a wall you can paint with Chroma-Key paint. This allows you to make the background transparent and overlay whatever you want on to it, effectively giving you an interactive background.
  • Headphones – Ones that cover your ears completely because they block out external sounds. You need headphones to set up your sound levels.
  • Microphone – Again, a good one, preferably a lapel mic as these are designed to only pick up sound in a small area and not the background.
  • Lights – Four of them – three to light up the subject and one to light the background.
  • Editing Software – This is for afterwards, when you edit what you’ve shot.  There are plenty to choose – from free right up to expensive professional software.

Once you’ve got everything you’re all set to go. A word of advice – have a few practice runs first!

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Cloud Storage for Newbies

The term “Cloud Storage” has been floating around for some time now but not everyone is up to scratch on what it is.  Briefly, cloud storage is a way of saving files to a place on the internet rather than clogging up your hard drive.

Is it Safe?

Storing files in the cloud is safer than on your PC because there is less chance of anything happening to damage or delete your files.  However, anything that is related to the internet must be kept secure which means not giving your password to anyone.

You must also have a good anti-virus on your PC – if your computer picks up a virus or malware, there is a chance that your cloud login details could be revealed to unauthorized users.

Choose a cloud storage provider who offers the best protection and more than one backup of your files.  If a provider only uses one physical server, avoid them like the plague – if anything happens to that server, your files are gone.

What are the Advantages of Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is more flexible than storing files on your PC or an external storage device.  No matter where you are in the world, provided you have your login details to hand, you can access your files from any computer, any location, any time of day or night.

Do away with unsightly external devices stacked up on your desk; all you need is an internet connection.  You can set up your PC to automatically back your files up at set times and to make changes to a document in the cloud when the corresponding one is changed on your PC.

Are There Any Downsides to Cloud Storage?

The only downsides are that your very first backup to the cloud may take a while. However, you can set your computer to do this while you go off and do something else. Also, check your storage provider charges – if you back up very large amounts of data, there may be extra charges.

If your storage provider goes out of business or their server and backup modem collapses, you will lose your files. This is a very slim chance though – you would be extremely unlucky if everything fell apart at the same time!

Ready to visit the cloud? Check out this online company for cloud storage – they offer a good value packages and some great information as well.

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SEO: You Desperately Need It!

Businesses now need to take advantage of what the web has to offer if they don’t want to lose to their competitors. This is because most people now look up products and services online first before they actually avail of them. No matter how good your products or services are, you will eventually lose new customers, and even old ones, to any competitor who has a better web presence than you. In this post, I’m going to talk about how a roofing company in Toronto is able to gain a lot of customers through having a solid internet strategy. Hopefully, what I’m going to talk about in this post will prove helpful to all of my readers.

When it comes to doing flat roof repair, replacing shingles, etc., the residents of Toronto want to do it the right way. Because of this, one would expect that companies that offer better services would naturally have more customers, but this, for the most part, isn’t the case. This is because internet strategies now play a key role in business. Our featured company didn’t have such a strategy, and they ended up losing a lot of new customers to their competitors.

After finding out about the cause of their profit loss, they set out to utilize the internet for their business. In their case, what they did was hire a team of SEO experts to help them build a solid web presence.

What exactly is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, as one can surmise from the term itself, involves making the website of a business look more favorable in the eyes of search engines. This is a great strategy because believe it or not, most people actually settle for the services of whatever company they find first on search engine results pages.

When it comes to taking care of roof repair Toronto residents want to do a great job, but convenience still trumps such a desire. Most residents of the area will not do extra research just so that they’ll end up working with the best roofing company; they’ll most likely just hire the ones that they first see on search engine results pages. Sure having certified contractors are also a significant factor in marketability, but for the most part, companies now gain new customers primarily because they employ solid SEO strategies. When people from the GTA look up local keywords, they end up immediately seeing the website of our featured company. And upon visiting the site, the information they find ends up converting them into customers.

Hopefully, this post of mine ends up proving helpful to all of my readers. You don’t have to be in the roofing business to benefit from SEO. No matter what niche you operate in, you can surely take advantage of it. The best part is that it’s actually very affordable. For some people, they even do their own SEO. Of course, it’s still best to rely on professionals. After all, what’s the point of not hiring professionals when they offer their services at very reasonable rates?

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